Training Programme on                                                                 

“Financial Management and Audit Sensitization”

For Indian Forest Service Officers

 (07 to 11 October 2013)


I  Session

(1000 to 1115 Hours)

II Session

 (1145 to 1300 Hours)

III Session

 (1400 to 1515 Hours)

IV Session

(1545 to 1700 Hours)


October 2013


Inauguration by

Ms. K. Ganga,DG, iCISA

Financial Management

- Overview of FM budgeting & flow of fund

- Financial a/c & reporting 

Internal Controls and Role of IFA

Overview of Audit Mandate Principles and practices in forest Audit

Shri Pravir Pandey

Pr. Director, Regional Training Institute, Shillong

Shri Satish Loomba

Pr. AG (Audit), HP

Shri Hari Har Mishra, Director (IFD)


08 October 2013


Environmental Economics with special reference to forest related matters  

Audit of Afforestation Fund- case study


Prof. M N Murty (Retd.),  IEG


Ms. Gurveen Sidhu

Pr. Director of Audit, Scientific Department

09 OCtober 2013


Clearance for use of forest land for non- forestry purpose 

Internal Controls and Audit of Forest Department

Performance Audit of forest related issues: Case Studies

Shri H C Choudhry

Assistant Inspector General (FC), MoEF

Shri Subir Mallick

Pr. Director

O/o The PDA (NR), New Delhi

Shri D. K. Sekar,

Accountant General (Audit), MP

10 October 2013


Compliance Audit of forest related issues

Natural Resource Accounting and Green GDP

 Audit of Expenditure                    

Audit of receipts

Dr. Shilpi Kapur, Area Convenor

Centre for Resource Security and Development Policy

Shri K. S. Ramuwalia, Director

O/o The PDA (Northern Railway), New Delhi

11 October



Audit- Auditee Institutions Interface: Panel discussion



                        Shri S. S. Mohanty, AS & FA (MoEF) &

                        Ms. Suman Saxena, Addl Dy. CAG,

                        Shri Ashwini Attri, Director General          


Tea Break: 1115 to 1145 hours                   Lunch Break: 1300 to 1400 hours                                      Coffee Break: 1515 to 1545 hours