International Centre for Information Systems and Audit (iCISA) International Training Centre of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India
Sl No. Participant Name Participant Designation
1 Shri Sanjeev Kumar Dy. Director
2 Shri P. K. Konda Dy. Director
3 Shri Deepak Raghu Dy. Director
4 Shri Ravikiran Ubale Dy. Director
5 Shri Hautinlal Suantak Dy. Accountant General
6 Ms. Anu Jose Dy. Accountant General
7 Shri Anish D Dy. Accountant General
8 Ms. Sherin M. S. Dy. Accountant General
9 Ms. Rupavardhini B. R. Dy. Director
10 Shri Sandeep Dabur Dy. Accountant General
11 Shri J. Shankar Ram Sr. Audit Officer
12 Shri J. J. S. Anand Sr. Audit Officer
13 Shri Sundar Ramakrishnan Sr. Audit Officer
14 Shri Biju Geevarghese Sr. Audit Officer
15 Shri L. G. Bhute Sr. Audit Officer
16 Shri Josekutty Joseph Sr. Audit Officer
17 Shri Padma Kumar Das R Audit Officer
18 Shri Anupam Srivastav Audit Officer
19 Shri Bhagawati Saran Audit Officer
20 Shri Deepak Viswanathan Sr. Audit Officer
21 Shri Harish Mehndiratta Audit Officer
22 Shri Mahadevan P Sr. Audit Officer
23 Shri Jawaid Akhtar Sr. Audit Officer
24 Shri Sadhashiv B Ranade Assistant Audit Officer
25 Shri Rohit Anand Assistant Audit Officer
26 Shri G. K. Omee Assistant Audit Officer
27 Shri Sambhuji Basu Assistant Audit Officer
28 Shri K. Murali Krishna Assistant Audit Officer
29 Shri Kiran Limbu Assistant Audit Officer