International Centre for Information Systems and Audit (iCISA) International Training Centre of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India
Sl No. Participant Name Participant Designation
1 Shri Avinash K. Nilankar Dy. Accountant General
2 Shri Vikash Kumar Dy. Accountant General
3 Shri Mate Dinesh Hariram Dy. Accountant General
4 Shri Bhojgadhiya Aditya Rajendra Dy. Accountant General
5 Shri Raghvendra Singh Dy. Accountant General
6 Dr. Mohammad Suhail Fazal Dy. Accountant General
7 Shri Gautam Allada Dy. Accountant General
8 Shri Raymond Alvares Sr. Accounts Officer
9 Shri Panthalingal Sandip Menon Asst. Accounts Officer
10 Shri Subhasis Bandyopadhyay Asst. Accounts Officer
11 Shri Rameshoar Singh Yumnam Asst. Audit Officer
12 Shri O. Surmani Singh Asst. Audit Officer
13 Shri Dintis T Thomas Asst. Audit Officer
14 Shri A. P. Kakde Asst. Audit Officer
15 Shri K. Nagesh Kumar Asst. Accounts Officer
16 Shri Lobestar Wankhar Asst. Audit Officer
17 Shri Srikant Acharya Asst. Audit Officer
18 Shri Gaurav Gupta Asst. Audit Officer
19 Shri V. K. Rajkumar Sr. Data Processor
20 Ms. Archana Gopinathan Sr. Data Processor
21 Shri Prashant Amardeep Sr. Auditor
22 Shri Amit Kumar Mishra Sr. Auditor