International Centre for Information Systems and Audit (iCISA) International Training Centre of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India
Sl No. Participant Name Participant Designation
1 Ms. Swati Pandey Sr. Dy. Accountant General
2 Shri S. Bondade Sr. Dy. Accountant General
3 Ms. Roopal Prakash Sr. Dy. Accountant General
4 Shri Anubhav Kumar Singh Sr. Dy. Accountant General
5 Shri Kumar Abhay Dy. Director
6 Shri Deen Dayal Verma Dy. Accountant General
7 Ms. Bhavika Joshi Lathe Dy. Accountant General
8 Ms. Priyati Kawdo Dy. Accountant General
9 Shri Pavan Kumar Meena Asst. Audit Officer
10 Shri Harish Kumar Auditor
11 Shri Rajeev Mathur Asst. Audit Officer
12 Shri Atul Surve Sr. Audit Officer
13 Shri N.K. Mahatmajee Asst. Audit Officer
14 Shri Arvind Arora Asst. Audit Officer
15 Shri Shailesh Srivastava Audit Officer
16 Shri Sandip Bajpai Audit Officer
17 Shri Parmod Kumar Audit Officer
18 Shri Sanjay Razdan Asst. Audit Officer
19 Ms. Shalini Vijayan Sr. Audit Officer
20 Shri EPV Raghoothaman Sr. Audit Officer
21 Shri Vikas Ahuja Sr. Audit Officer
22 Shri Sudhir Pal Singh Asst. Audit Officer
23 Shri Vinay Kumar Mishra Audit Officer
24 Shri Swadesh Kumar Shukla Asst. Audit Officer