Training Programme On “Financial Attest Audit”

(01 July to 05 July, 2013)


I  Session

(1000 to 1115 Hours)

II Session

 (1130 to 1300 Hours)


III Session

 (1400 to 1515 Hours)

       IV Session

(1530 to 1700 Hours)

01July, 2013


Registration :

9:30 am to 10:00 am

Welcome Address by Shri Faisal Imam Director (iCISA)

Inaugural Address by Ms. K Ganga, Director General, ICISA

Importance of FAA & issues in Audit of Union Finance & Appropriation Accounts  

Introduction to FAA

CAG guidelines on FAA


ISSAI on Financial Attest Audit

 Jayant Sinha

Pr. Director (RC)

O/o The CAG of India, New Delhi  

Meenakshi Sharma, Director General (PPG)

O/o The CAG of India, New Delhi

02July, 2013


Audit Planning :

Evidence Gathering & Documentation

Reporting, Supervision & Quality Assurance 

Certification Audit - SAR for Autonomous bodies

Audit of Externally Aided project 


Deepak Kapoor, Director(Rep.)

O/o The DG Audit, (Defense Services)

Ch. V Sai Prasad, Dy. Director

O/o The PDA (ESM), New Delhi

03July, 2013


Operationalisation of Finance Attest Audit Manual for audit of Finance & Appropriation Accounts of State Governments

Integration with central audit and local audits

V. Kurian

O/o The Pr. AG (A&E), Karnataka


K. Srinivasan

O/o The Pr. AG (G&SSA), T.N.

04July, 2013


Check of consistency between statements in finance accounts and between finance accounts and appropriation accounts

Introduction to statistical sampling techniques

Use of statistical sample for financial attest audit


S. S. Sarfare

Dy. Director

O/o The AG (A&E), Gujarat

Kumar Abhay


O/o The AG (Audit), Punjab

05July, 2012


Use of IDEA software for monetary unit sampling in certification audit

Hands on exercise on use of monetary on VLC database

Feedback & Valediction

K. P. Singh, Sr. AO

O/o The CAG of India, New Delhi  

Ms. K Ganga, Director General, iCISA

Tea Break: 1115 to 1130 hours             Lunch Break: 1300 to 1400 hours            Coffee Break: 1515 to 1530 hours