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Training Programme on Network Security and Management-Red Hat Linux  (27-31 May 2013)


Session I

(9.30 to 10.45)

Session II

(11.00 to 1.00 noon)

Session III

(2.00 to 3.30 pm)

Session IV

(3.45 pm-5.30 pm)

27/05/2013 Monday

Overview Of Red Hat Linux OS


Installing Red Hat Linux


GNOME graphical desktop

Objective: Get started with GNOME and edit text files with gedit.

Manage files graphically with Nautilus

Objective: Manage files graphically and access remote systems with Nautilus.

Get help in a graphical environment

Objective: Access documentation, both locally and online.

Configure local services

Objective: Configure the date and time, and configure a printer.

Manage physical storage I

Objective: Understand basic disk concepts and manage system disks.


Manage logical volumes

Objective: Understand logical volume concepts and manage logical volumes.

Monitor system resources

Objective: Manage CPU, memory, and disk utilization.


28/05/2013 Tuesday

Manage system software

Objective: Manage system software locally and using Red Hat® Network (RHN).

Get started with bash

Objective: Understand basic shell concepts, execute simple commands, and use basic job control techniques.


Get help in a textual environment

Objective: Use man and info pages and find documentation in /usr/share/doc.

Establish network connectivity

Objective: Understand basic network concepts; configure, manage, and test network settings.


Administer users and groups

Objective: Manage users and groups.

Manage files from the command line

Objective: Understand Linux® file system hierarchy and pathnames; manage files from the command line.



Secure Linux file access

Objective: Understand Linux file access mechanisms; manage file access from the GUI and the command line.









29/05/2013 Wednesday

Administer remote systems

Objective: Share and connect to a desktop; use SSH and rsync.

Configure general services

Objective: Manage services; configure SSH and remote desktops.

Manage physical storage II

Objective: Manage file system attributes and swap space.


Manage virtual machines

Objective: Understand basic virtualization concepts; install and manage virtual machines.


Control the boot process

Objective: Understand runlevels and manage GRUB.


30/05/2013 Thursday

Deploy file-sharing services

Objective: Deploy an FTP server and a web server.

Secure network services

Objective: Manage a firewall; understand SELinux concepts and manage SELinux.


Comprehensive review

Objective: Get a hands-on review of the concepts covered in previous session

Network configuration and troubleshooting

Objective: Configure network settings; troubleshoot network issues                  

Managing user accounts

Objective: Manage user accounts, including password aging.

Controlling access to files

Objective: Manage group memberships, file permissions, and access control lists (ACL).

Analyzing and storing logs


31/05/2013 Friday

Oracle 11g R2 Administration

  • Configure the Linux operating systems in anticipation of a database installation
  • Install Oracle 11g R2 Enterprise Edition database

Oracle 11g R2 Administration  (Cont..)

  • Use database administrator interface options
  • Startup and shutdown database services and related software components

Oracle 11g R2 Administration (Cont..)

  • Use super administrator authentication options


Oracle 11g R2 Administration  (Cont..)


  • Manage security policies and procedures, including administration of user accounts, roles, privileges and profiles

Teabreak:10.45 to 11.00 am           Lunch:1.00 to 2.00 PM              Coffee break:3.30 to 3.45 PM