Training Programme on “DBA for Oracle 11g”                                 

(15 July to 19 July, 2013)


I  Session

(9.30 to 1115 Hours)

II Session

 (1130 to 1300 Hours)


III Session

 (1400 to 1530 Hours)

       IV Session

(1545 to 17.30Hours)

15July, 2013


Registration :

9:30 am to 10:00 am

Welcome and Inaugural Address


Installing your Oracle Software

· Tasks of an Oracle Database Administrator

· Tools Used to Administer an Oracle Database

· Installation: System Requirements  · Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)

· Installing Oracle Database Software

Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture

· Oracle Database Architecture Overview

· Oracle ASM Architecture Overview  · Process Architecture    ·Memory structures  · Logical and physical storage structures

16July, 2013


Creating an Oracle Database

· Planning the Database  · Using the DBCA to Create a Database

· Password Management

Managing the Oracle Database Instance

· Start and stop the Oracle database and components

· Use Oracle Enterprise Manager  · Access a database with SQLPlus

· Modify database installation parameters

· Describe the stages of database startup

· Describe database shutdown options  · View the alert log

Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

· Use Enterprise Manager to create and configure the Listener 

 · Enable Oracle Restart to monitor the listener

· Use tnsping to test Oracle Net connectivity

· Identify when to use shared servers and when to use

dedicated servers

17July, 2013


Managing Database Storage Structures

· Storage Structures  · How Table Data Is Stored · Anatomy of a Database Block  · Space Management in Tablespaces · Tablespaces in the Preconfigured Database · Actions with Tablespaces

Administering User Security

· Database User Accounts · Predefined Administrative Accounts

· Benefits of Roles · Predefined Roles · Implementing Profiles

Managing Undo Data

· Data Manipulation · Transactions and Undo Data

· Undo Data Versus Redo Data· Configuring Undo Retention

18July, 2013


Performance Management

· Performance Monitoring · Managing Memory Components

· Enabling Automatic Memory Management (AMM)

· Automatic Shared Memory Advisor · Using Memory Advisors

·     · Dynamic Performance Statistics

Backup and Recovery Concepts

· Part of Your Job · Statement Failure · User Error · Understanding Instance Recovery · Media Failure · Archive Log Files

19July, 2013


Performing Database Backups

· Backup Solutions: Overview    · User-Managed Backup

· Terminology     · Recovery Manager (RMAN)

· Configuring Backup Settings      · Monitoring the Flash Recovery Area

. Use Data Pump export and import to move data


Performing Database Recovery

· Opening a Database · Data Recovery Advisor· Loss of a Control File

 · Loss of a Redo Log File · Data Recovery Advisor

· Data Failures · Listing Data Failures· Data Recovery Advisor Views


Securing Server from external and internal threats

· Ethical Hacking · Unethical Hacking · Top 5 security threats

Tea Break: 1115 to 1130 hours             Lunch Break: 1300 to 1400 hours            Coffee Break: 1530 to 1545 hours