International Centre for Information Systems and Audit (iCISA)       

                            A-52, Sector–62, Institutional Area, Noida

Workshop on “Budget and Fiscal Transparency”

 (15 to 17 April, 2013)


I  Session

(1000 to 1115 Hours)

II Session

(1130 to 1300 Hours)

III Session

(1400 to 1515 Hours)

IV Session

(1530 to 1700 Hours)

15 April 2013

Monday Registration : 900 to 925 hrs

Inauguration : 930  to 1000 hrs

To be Inaugurated     


  DAI (RC & LB)

Fiscal transparency in Public Financial Management (PFM)

·         What is fiscal transparency?

·         Transparency of fiscal information

Fiscal decision- making


·         Fiscal decision- making processes

·         Institutional roles and responsibilities within these processes

International norms on fiscal transparency and country practices

·         Fiscal risk and fiscal transparency

·         Fiscal discipline and fiscal transparency

·         IMF code of good practices on fiscal transparency (2007)

·         Fiscal Transparency ROSCs

·         Fiscal Transparency Indices

·         GSFM 2001

Mr. Pankaj Sharma Deputy Secretary, Min of Finance

S. C Pandey, Pr.AG, J&K, Srinagar


16 April 2013


Measurement of Fiscal Transparency: PEFA

Standards for Fiscal Transparency: IPSAS


Mr.M Nagrajan, Economist- World Bank

Shri V N Kothari


17 April 2013


Budgetary Transparency and Open Budget Survey

·         Open Budget Survey, 2012

·         Indian scenario

Discussion on Fiscal Transparency and Financial Reporting Framework

Mr.Ravi Duggal, International Budget Partnership

Mr.A K Awasthi, Dy CAG

                Valediction : 1700 hrs                   

Tea/Coffee Break: 1115 to 1130 hours                            Lunch Break: 1300 to 1400 hours                                  Tea/Coffee Break: 1515 to 1530 hours