International Centre for Information Systems and Audit (iCISA)

A-52, Sector–62 Institutional Area, Noida

Training Programme for Officers of Indian Council of Agricultural Research


(09 December to 13 December, 2013)


I  Session

(1000 to 1115 Hours)

II Session

 (1130 to 1300 Hours)


III Session

 (1400 to 1515 Hours)

       IV Session

(1530 to 1700 Hours)

09 December, 2013


Registration :

9:30 am to 10:00 am

Inauguration by Shri Roy Mathrani, Director General, iCISA


Budgetary & Fiscal Control Systems

( Concepts & Performance Budgeting & Outcome Budgeting)



Emerging Trends in Financial management

Shri. S.C Pandey

Principal Accountant General, J & K


Prof. S. C. Bansal IIM, Lucknow

10 December, 2013


Fraud & Forensic Auditing

Procurement and Contract Management 

Shri Sadu Israel, Pr. Director

O/o PDA (Central), Hyderabad  

Shri A. Parmasivan , Director

O/o The DGA (CE), New Delhi

11 December, 2013


Accrual Accounting System : an Overview 

Brief Overview of CAG's Mandate and Role and impact of Audit


Shri Naveen Singhvi, Dy.Director

O/o PDA (Navy), New Delhi

                      Shri K. S. G. Narayan, Pr. Director

                        O/o The C&AG of India, New Delhi


12 December, 2013


Accounting of Autonomous bodies

Accounting of Fixed Assets and Depreciation

Internal Control and Internal Audit


Shri B P Yadav,

Principal Director

O/o C&AG of India

Shri Rajesh R Shenoy



Shri Pravindra Yadav, Pr. Director

O/o The C&AG of India, New Delhi


13 December, 2013


Performance Auditing & Reporting

Issues in Audit of ICAR

Course Feedback & Valediction

Shri Rajiv Kumar, Director

O/o The DGA (P&T), New Delhi

SHRI V. K. Chandhok,

Dy. Director, O/o The DGA (CE), New Delhi


Shri Roy Mathrani,

Director General, iCISA


Tea Break: 1115 to 1130 hours             Lunch Break: 1300 to 1400 hours            Coffee Break: 1515 to 1530 hours