International Centre for Information Systems and Audit (iCISA)

A-52, Sector–62 Institutional Area, Noida

Training Programme on
"IPSAS" For Gr. A & B Officers
(26th to 27th August 2013)



I  Session

(1000 to 1115 Hours)

II Session

 (1145 to 1300 Hours)

III Session

 (1400 to 1515 Hours)

             IV Session

(1545 to 1700 Hours)

26 August, 2013




Evolution of Accounting Standards

Cash Basis IPSAS –

Financial Reporting Under the Cash Basis of Accounting


Comparing IPSAS with IFRS/Indian Accounting Standards

Sri. Vijay Kothari.

Director, ITRA,

O/o the Prl. Director of Audit, Central,  Ahmedabad.


Sri. Sachin Kapoor.

Dy. Director. O/o the Director General of Audit,

Defense Services, New Delhi


27 August 2013


Case Study

Examples of audit of UN agencies based on IPSAS



Overview of pronouncements of GASAB





Sri. Deepak Kapoor.

Director, Rep, O/o the Director General of Audit,

 Defense Services, New Delhi

Sri. P.C.Das

Pr. Director, GASAB


Teabreak:1115 to 1145 am                                        Lunch Break: 1300 to 1400 hours                                        Coffee Break: 1515 to 1545 hours