International Centre for Information Systems and Audit (iCISA) International Training Centre of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India
Sl No. Participant Name Participant Designation
1 Mr. Rudra Paudel Dy. General Manager (Finance)
2 Mr. Somnath Dasgupta Chief Accounts Officer (CA)
3 Mr. R. Selvakumar Chief Accounts Officer (CA)
4 Mr. Mohammed Hamid Hussain Chief Accounts Officer (Corporate Acounts)
5 Mr. Suman Kumar Singhania Accounts officer (CA-II)
6 Mr. D.P. Sharma Dy. General Manager(CA)
7 Mr. Mohinder Lal Dy. General Manager
8 Mr. B. M. Nyamati Chief Accounts Officer (CA-II)
9 Mr. P. Manoj Chief Accounts Officer(ERP)
10 Mr. D.R. Mahajan Dy. General Manager CA
11 Ms. Kolhe Lata Gangaram Dy. General Manager CA-ERP
12 Mr. Khmihlang Nongsteng Accounts officer (CA)
13 Mr. Rajneesh Kumar Tulli Chief Accounts Officer (CA)
14 Mr. Saroj Kumar Bal Dy.General Manager (Finance)
15 Mr. Naval Kishor Gupta Dy. General Manager (CA& ERP)
16 Mr. R. Guruprasad Dy. General Manager (CA)
17 Mr. Anupam Nitya Chief Accounts Officer (CA)
18 Mr. Arvind Kumar Sharma Dy. General Manager(CA/Finance)
19 Mr. Tara Sankar Mukerjee Dy. General Manager (FICO/CA)
20 Mr. Nand Kishore Dy. General Manager (Finance)
21 Mr. Ramesh Kumar Chief Accounts Officer (CA)
22 Mr. Tarun Kumar Ghosh Dy. General Manager (Finance)
23 Mr. Venkateswaran P. B. Dy. General Manager (Finance)
24 Mr. Ravindra Jha Dy. General Manager (Finance)
25 Mr. Mangroo Ram Chief Accounts Officer (CSC/CA)
26 Mr. Phaorei Mungrei Accounts Officer (Corporate Accounts)
27 Mr. Amit Kumar Baid Dy. Manager ( R & P)
28 Mr. Jagdish Kumar Sarraf Dy. Manager (CA)
29 Ms. Yogeeta Tiwari Dy. Manager (CA)
30 Mr. M.M. Goyal Dy. Manager (CA)