International Centre for Information Systems and Audit (iCISA) International Training Centre of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India
Sl No. Participant Name Participant Designation
1 Ms. Amita Joshi Addl. Director
2 Shri Soban Singh Nagnyal Joint Director
3 Shri Vipin Bihari Lal Dy. Director
4 Shri Gobind Singh Negi Assistant Director
5 Shri B. D. Tiwary Assistant Director
6 Shri Birendra Kumar Sr. Finance Officer
7 Ms. Ruchita Tewari Dy. Registrar
8 Shri Pankaj Shukla Finance Officer
9 Kumari Pooja Negi Treasury Officer
10 Ms. Vijay Laxmi Distt. Audit Officer
11 Shri Bala Datt palaria Distt. Audit Officer
12 Shri Kishan Singh Bisht AAO
13 Shri Basant Bihari Dhyani Assistant Registrar
14 Shri Devendra Kumar Joshi AAO
15 Shri V. P. Pant Finance Officer
16 Shri Harsingh Bonal Finance Controller